About us

Trifid Consulting is a the corporate solutions arm of Trifid research (investment advisor), private limited having more than 5 years in the field of Financial Market Research and Analytics with around 250 employees the company, we aim to help Financial Market investors achieve their financial and investment goals via Technical analysis based research support
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Our segments

  1. Equity Cash Segment
  2. Stock and Index Future
  3. Stock an Index options
  4. Commodity- MCX, NCDEX
  5. Currency

Solutions for:

  1. Stock and Commodity Broking Companies
  2. Asset management companies
  3. Banks/ MFIs/ Financial institutions
  4. Insurance companies
  5. Corporate Brokers
  6. Financial planning and wealth management companies


The main objective behind setting up of Trifid Consulting is to bridge the gap between the proper researched advice and clients/Investors.
Every Broking company may not have its own research department to provide VMCE_V9 target oriented and highly accurate research to the clients. To fulfill this gap Trifid Consulting Company comes into the picture as one of the leading research company with a team of skilled and experienced professionals.

Trifid Consulting has a dedicated Research Department for providing end to end solutions to the Broking companies. Proper research, training and consultancy is done by Trifid Consulting so that the companies can focus on their core product and strategy.


Aiming to be an Epitome in Investment Advisory Industry by consistently developing and delivering the best 810-403 services to our esteemed customers & clients

To create wealth for our customers by making them aware through our enriching advisory services


  1. Corporate Research Solutions
  2. Activating Inactive Broking clients
  3. Market Reports
  4. Research Helpline
  5. Existing Portfolio Advisory- BUY/SELL/HOLD
  6. Webinar
  7. Investor Training
  8. Employee Training
  9. Sub broker Training
  10. Consulting on – Enhancing Sales, Process, Manpower, Branding, Training

Need of Advisory

Today almost 90% of the retail traders trading in Indian Stock Markets incur losses and quit trading within 3 months of account opening.
The industry cannot grow and move significantly upward if the end clients, investors and traders are not gaining profits by deploying right mix of trading or investment strategies.
Today, financial services are much beyond than just providing a mere trading and demat account to the clients. It has become more about handholding, guiding and advising them in taking right decisions while trading in stock market. We provide a plug and play Research Model where we give highly accurate trading calls, reports and research hotline, training and many more solutions for clients & other broking companies employees  to help them increase their BROKING REVENUE BY UP TO 5X.