Trifid Consulting conduct development orientation programs and Employee Training for Financial market corporate and Stock broking companies. The training covers a 360 degree Employee training solution which involves:


I. Induction Training (IT)

Induction Training (IT) is the most important base building training for the employees, we covered each and every aspect of the Induction training sessions (ITS).

  1. Employee motivation & teamwork skills.
  2. Company overview.
  3. Product & working culture overview.


II. Product Training

If the base is strong the success is sure, Product training focuses on training the core product areas of the Financial Market which includes the following products.

  1. Mutual Fund, ETFs, NCDs
  2. Equity
  3. Currency Derivative
  4. Derivative- Future & options
  5. Commodity Derivative


III. Value Added Training

We are creating the Competitive Edge in employees, which assist them retain and add new clients.

  1. Wealth Management
  2. Technical Analysis Training
  3. Derivative analysis and Advance option strategies


IV. SALES Skill Training

Sales Skill Training focuses on expanding sales via new and existing client needs and will capable the selling skills of the Employees.

  1. Converting personal relations to business clients
  2. Need based selling rather than product push selling
  3. Creating new business leads from existing clients
  4. First client interaction, Non force selling,  client soft follow up, client lead conversion, maintaining relationship with clients.


V. Client Relationship Training and Soft Skill

The service industry is all about client relationship, Nowadays acquiring a new client is rather more simple than maintaining clients. This training always focuses on building personal soft skills in the Business partner and their Dealer/RM.

  1. Avoiding discretionary trades.
  2. Activating Dormant Clients .
  3. Providing all Financial Solutions rather than a pure broking company.
  4. Maintaining Fair practice relationship with clients for RM/Dealer/ BMS.


VI. Activating INACTIVE Clients

Activating Inactive Clients training acts as the most critical and training required today, where 70 % of the clients in the Broker’s book are nowadays inactive.

  1. Creating customized solutions to the client’s require.
  2. Re Hand Holding back to markets swiftly.
  3. Understanding the reasons for inactive (mostly losses and bad servicing).
  4. Make sure the activeness of the client.


VII. Continuous Training

Trifid Consulting believes training is a sustained process, in this leg we would be regularly updating the Employees Via our Online quizzes and Knowledge series mailers on the subject.

a. Online quizzes and monthly contest on knowledge series.
b. Knowledge series on Basics, Fundamental, Technical and option strategies via E-mails.



  • Analyzing the need and broad corporate aims of the company.
  • Testing and Content development: Developing offline and online contents for the Training needs and solutions.
  • Implementation:Planning and implementation of the training initiatives to fulfill the goals
  • Assessment and review:Regular review and assessment of the training initiatives with the management team.
  • Content and training delivery: Training calendars yearly and quarterly and its implementation in conjunction with the regional teams.