Client or Investors are the most important, yet most ignored element of the whole financial market system in terms of education, empowerment and training. We give the most goal oriented financial market training to your Investor and hand hold him to the market.

I. New investor training

As they say ‘ Well begun is half done’, We HAND HOLD the new investors in the Financial world, by educating and empowering them to take right Investment decisions while trading via following training sessions.

a. Basics of Investing
b. Decoding Financial Market instruments- Equity cash, Future, option, Commodity, Currency
c. Distribution products- Mutual Funds, NCDs, Bonds, Insurance, ETF etc
d. Basic Portfolio construction strategies

This training is recommended to be done within 30 days of A/C opening, so he does not incur huge losses in initial trading days.

II. Training for Existing Investors

To prevent your clients from poaching and getting Inactive, we offer a special training session for its existing investors.

a. Expert Trading Strategies
b. Technical Analysis for Intraday, Short Term traders
c. Advance option strategies

Today, more important than acquiring a new client is to keep the existing client Active

III. HNI Investors Training

HNI investors are the most vulnerable and important to competition, asset to the company. HNI Investors training focuses on giving a value addition to the HNI investor and helping them retain with the company.

a. Advance portfolio management trainings
b. Making money in both- Bullish & Bearish Markets
c. Wealth Management

This training creates an edge for the company and helps retain the HNI customer from loosing him to the competing broker.

IV. Activating INACTIVE Broking clients

Today, at least 70 percent of the entire Broking clients is inactive with stock brokers. This training module is mainly focused on activating inactive clients.

a. Converting losses to profit
b. Intraday trading techniques
c. Efficient portfolio Construction
d. Technical Analysis
e. Advance option strategy

V. Technical Analysis training

Today, all Investor/trader who trades in the Cash segment or Derivative wants Technical Analysis training. Trifid Consulting will train all the practical aspects of Technical Analysis training to the Traders and assist them earn huge profits via momentum trading

a. Trend analysis & Trend lines
b. Basics of Technical Analysis
c. Dow theory
d. Technical Patterns.
e. Types of charts
f. Technical Indicators
g. Elliot Wave Theory
h. Practical Application of Technical Analysis