Our Services

We at Trifid Consulting provide customized solutions to the financial market companies viz. BROKING, MUTUAL FUNDS, BANKS etc and help them in maximizing the revenue with enhanced product preposition to the end user, thereby creating WEALTH for the clients.

Our Solutions

We provide several solutions for Corporate in the financial market domain to help them achieve their goals and maximize revenues thereby focusing on the core business area.

Corporate Research Solutions

Today, while investing in Stock Markets the ultimate objective of an Investor whether Retail, HNI or Corporate is Profit and Wealth Maximization.

Corporate research solutions have their own RESEARCH DEPARTMENT which is aimed at providing research based solutions to the stock market participants especially brokers, so that the brokers could optimize their cost structures by avoiding the cost of setting up of software, manpower, attrition related issues of research department and can further utilize research at the maximum, which thereby SAVE AROUND 10-15 LAKH/MONTH.

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Corporate Training solution

Training acts as a superb catalyser for growth, especially in domain specific service industry like Stock Market industry. We provide complete Training solutions in the following fields:

  1. Employee training
  2. Investor’s/Client’s Training
  3. Business Partner/Sub Broker Training

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Broking Revenue Enhancement

Today the broking industry is going through a very tough phase, where broking yields are falling very rapidly, competition is rising, employee cost is rising and high client inactivation is leading to huge dips in broking revenues, and in some places even closure of the business/branches are taking place within the broking industry.

We at Trifid Consulting provide solutions to Broking companies, where they can reduce their cost, system flaws and slippages, activate inactive clients, train employees, associates and increase broking revenues by up to 5X.

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Activating Inactive client

Now a days the main challenge that broking companies are facing is client inactivation, almost about 70-80% of a huge client base are inactive today which results in enormous revenue loss to the companies with the 50% loss of their broking revenues. Does this makes an economic sense today to spend enormous on acquiring new clients when your existing clients are inactive who became an NPA for the company…. ?

We help broking companies by activating 50- 60% of their inactive clients and only charge if the clients get activated (which means the cost of activation is borne by us).

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A Webinar is the Seminar on the web, which is the most appropriate tool for a large number of audiences to Learn, Ask and Interact LIVE on a single platform without moving out from their workplace. We conduct an online training similar to the webinars, with a complete interactive session to make sure everybody participates and learns in the session.

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