Today business partners are the very critical element in the organic growth of any Broking company Business Process Services (BPS) are the best and cost effective way to take the growth ladder to the next step.

This is a complete Business Enhancement Training for Sub Brokers/ Business partners Remmisers of the Financial Market Company, which will grow your Financial Market knowledge, but will strengthen their Client Relationship Management skills and acquisition.

1. Product / Business Training:

If the base is strong the success is sure, Product/Business Training focuses on training the core areas of Financial Markets, still nowadays there are lots of Business Process Services (BPs) who don’t understand even the fundamentals of options, how can we expect them to do business in these volatile markets.

  • Equity
  • Commodity
  • Currency Derivatives
  • Derivatives
  • Options
  • Mutual Funds

This forms as an Induction Training for Business Partners/Sub Broker to be given within 30 Days of his joining.

2. Value Added Training :

These days the client requires more than the strategies of basic trading, with tools such as Options Strategy, Technical Analysis.

  • Technical Analysis Training
  • Advance option strategies Training

3. Sales Skill Training :

This training mainly focuses on increasing sales via existing & new client requires and will empower the selling skills of the Business Partners and their employees.

  • Converting personal relations with business clients.
  • Require based selling rather than product push selling.
  • Creating new business leads from existing clients.
  • First client interaction, non force selling, Client soft follow up, Client lead conversion, maintaining relationship with clients.

4. CRM (Client Relationship Management) Training :

The service industry is all about client relationship, nowadays acquiring a new client is rather more simple than maintaining a client. CRM training focuses on making soft skills in the Business partner & their Dealer/ RM.

  • Avoiding discretionary trades
  • Activating Dormant Clients
  • Maintaining Fair practice relationship with clients for RM/Dealer/BMs
  • Providing the whole Financial Solutions rather than a pure broking company.

5. BMT (Branch Management Training):

A Business partner has to spend a fixed amount every month on maintaining his Business location, Branch Management Training will guide them on more effective and efficient ways of minimizing the branch expense and maintaining a good relationship with their employees.


1. Building Base Via E-Modules:

To begin with we would construct the Domain Product knowledge base via E-Modules on every subject, this will assist them clear the basic concepts of the subject, webinar trainings and prepare a base for classroom.

2. Webinar Session:

In the 2nd stage we would be taking online Webinar (Seminar On Web) which will enable the Business Process Services (BPs) to clear picture on the subject and clear further doubts will be delivered..

3. PAN India Classroom Training:

In the 3rd stage of development and training we would be conducting training sessions on soft skills and Product through our Classroom Training model visiting every Area and Zone.

4. Initiatives of Continuous Training

Trifid Consulting believes training is a continuous process, in this stage we would be regularly updating the Business Process Services (BPs) via our Knowledge online quizzes and series mailers on the subject.


Trifid Consulting believes for long vision and any project proper implementation is the key, the process for the implementation would go as follows.

  • Require analysis of the exact require analysis of the broad objective and the company they want to cover.
  • Plan a yearly and quarterly Training Calendar.
  • Design a Training solution which fits these objectives.
  • Prepare a Training completion grid, which marks the mandatory training and the
  • duration it should be undertaken by the Business Process Services (BPs).
  • Assessment and review of the management of the training initiatives

Why Sub Broker Training:

Business partners or Sub broker are the most important element in the entire Financial Market value chain, with the rising cost pressures and decreasing yields for the Financial Market companies, Business partners act as a ZERO COST Revenue Branch/Center for a Broking company which different Branch and Employee doesn’t have to be retained and paid.

Nowadays the very important thing is not only to acquire new business partners, but nurture and train the Existing partner &develop them as a whole Wealth manager providing Financial Solutions rather then a mere product seller.