A Webinar is Seminar on the web is the most appropriate tool where you can Learn/ Ask/ interact LIVE exactly the way you do in a classroom sessions, which allows a large number of audience at a single example, without them having to travel or move out of their workspace. Where we conduct an online training similar to the classroom mode, with a complete interactive session to make sure everybody participates and learns in the sessions.

Nowadays it has become more difficult to train an enormous target group on a single example, due to time related, geographical, logistics and various other limitations. A Webinar is the best solutions and answer to all the problems faced by big companies with a multi location, presence to train and conduct sessions at one go.

If you have an internet connection and a Laptop/Mobile/Personal Computer (PC) can get trained from their offices, home, traveling or anywhere on the globe 24/7.

Topics Covered:

  • Basics of Investing
  • Decoding Stock Markets
  • Simplifying Derivatives
  • Technical Analysis
  • Understanding commodities
  • Currency Derivatives
  • Advance option strategies
  • Understanding Options
  • Market outlook and client queries, resolved
  • Sales enhancement, cross selling, client up-gradation

How to Attend a Webinar:

  1. Register himself in the form of webinar page, by filling all the details asked
  2. Make sure to put your Email-id correct (double check it)
  3. On the day of the Webinar, just click on the joining link of the webinar, you got in our email
  4. A webinar application will download and automatically open
  5. You will receive a webinar link on your email id
  6. It may take approximately 5-6 mins to download the ‘go to webinar’ application on your Laptop/Mobile/Personal Computer (PC) /mobile
  7. Just click yes, ok when asked by the application to install
  8. You go to webinar window is installed and ready to use
  9. You will be able to see the speaker’s presentation and hear his voice too.

Who Can Attend:

  • Investors/ Traders
  • First time investors
  • Student/ Housewife
  • Brokers/ Sub Brokers
  • Employee of a Financial Market company
  • Professionals

If you are a Stock Broker, Sub Broker, Mutual Fund Company want us to do Free webinar for your clients, Employees, Sub Brokers, Mail at : webinar@trifidresearch.com